Salming Nisaopen 2020 - Tournament rules

Žijeme a sportujeme z.s.

Important! Because of COVID-19 pandemy we had to change terms of our tournament. First we play tournament for all 5+1 categories, it was 2nd and 3rd term before and after it, we play 3+1 categories in the following weekend (1st term in original timetable).
  • 1nd term (21. – 23. August 2020)
    BU13-5, BU15, GU15, BU17, GU17, BU19, GU19, Men (M) and Women (W)
  • 1st term (28. – 30. August 2020)
    MU7, MU9, MU11-3, BU13-3 a GU13-3

Liberec, Czech Republic


Tournament will be played by standard IFF rules with following exceptions:

  • Length of matches - special for each category.
  • Matches will be played without stopping time, only LAST TWO MINUTES of playoff matches will be played with stopping time. In case of difference of 5 goals and more the time won't be stopped anywhere. In basic groups it isn't allowed to have TIMEOUT => TIMEOUT is allowed only in playoff matches!
  • Penalty time - special for each category.
  • There will be a special size of courts and goals for younger categories (MU7, MU9, a MU11-3, BU13-3, BU13-5 a GU13)!
  • Organizator can penalty a team or only a person because of inappropriate behaviour, destruction of property etc. There is no claim to receive some payments back!.

The protest can be lodged no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the match with a refundable fee of CZK 500. If the protest is rejected, the fee is not refundable.


An excemption can be granted only to younger players (so-called elderly players, players become older). Players need to have written agreement from parents!


The referees have a floorball license.

Playing system:

The teams will be divided into groups. The following knockout system will be determined by the final number of participating teams. Each team is guaranteed to play at least 4 games. We guarantee 5 games in 3+1 categories!

The category MU7 will be played as a two-day tournament, Saturday and Sunday (August 29-30, 2020).

Exclusion from the tournament in the event of contumation:

In case of 2 or more team contumation matches (in the group stage of the tournament), all team games in the tournament will be contumed, including already played (ONLY in the group stage of the tournament)!


Competitors participate at their own risk.


Each club leader has to register himself as the leader, but also the club, under he will register individual teams . Registration is not transferable from previous years - every club leader has to make new registration.

The number of participants is limited, we must follow the rule "Who comes first, plays!" Please fill in the registration form at, until June 30, 2020.

Closing the category may come before the deadline - June 30, 2020!


After logging into the administration of your club, you as a club manager have the possibility to generate a payment details, according you will pay individual fees for your team. One payment detail is ALWAYS ONLY one type of payment => if you want to pay the starting and individual fees, you have to generate two documents for payment and you will have to pay two amounts, according to the individual documents. Payment types are: Registration fee (starting fee), individual fee, accommodation and meals.

Registration fee:

The starting (entry) fee must be paid not later than July 3, 2020 - the money must be in the organizer's account. Registration of a team whose starting fee will not be paid by the deadline will be excluded. In case of renunciation form your side (team decide not to come) after July 5, 2020 the starting fee is non-refundable. If you pay the starting fee before April 1, 2020 (the money must be in the organizer's account not later than March 31, 2020) you will get a discount on the starting fee!

Individual fee:

The individual fee includes admission to halls, schools, canteens, FREE public transport in Liberec on the days of the tournament, discounts at tournament partners and the payment is obligatory for all participants of Salming Nisaopen 2020. Individual fee is paid individually for each term. It means if you are starting at more dates of the tournament, you will pay individual fee for all terms in which you start, doesn't matter if you start as a player or as a member of the realization team. Deadline for payment is on August 10, 2020. When you will pay on the spot (for accreditation), the fee will be increased for 30 CZK!

Members of teams:

  • A player is a team member who meets the age conditions of the category in which team is the player registered. Pay an individual fee according to the tournament rules, in the category section. In the case that player starts in more than one category with a different individual fee, the player pays the highest amount.
  • A team member is a member who will participate in the tournament as a coach, team leader or other team member. A team member is allowed to enter all zones that are only allowed for players, see individual fee section.
  • Team escorts have no special rights over other spectators. They don't pay an individual fee, but they have to be filled on the team list, if they want to sleep together or if they want to have meals.

In case of interest we provide accommodation in school classes (own sleeping pad and sleeping bag). Accommodation is always for two nights (Friday - Sunday). All accommodated teams must pay a refundable deposit of CZK 1,000 for each school class when they receive the key.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE an accommodation in the last term (12th - 14th June 2020)!!!

We are making everything to have an accomodation for you. We will confirm you if it is possible when we know.


We provide 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners - starting on friday dinner, ending with sunday breakfast.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE catering in the last term (12th - 14th June 2020)!!!

We are making everything to have a catering for you. We will confirm you if it is possible when we know.

Team leader:

There must be at least one person in the team older than 18 years old, who will be the team leader. The team leader must be on the team list as a player or member of the realization team, he/she has to pay an individual fee and must fill in contact details for possible resolution of any situation concerning the team during accreditation.

Start of players:

Each player may start in one category ONLY per one team. During one tournament term, player may join ONLY for one club! It is allowed to start players according to the age conditions of each category in more teams, but it is necessary to keep the start condition for ONLY one club!


General partner

Salming Nisaopen
  • Place: Liberec, Czech Republic
  • Organizer: Žijeme a sportujeme z.s.
Tournamen info

Salming Nisaopen is a floorball tournament for everybody of all ages. This will be the 21th year of this tournament in Liberec! In three weekends all players will get a lot experiences from floorball matches and a lot of memories too! Don't hasitate and be in!

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